A Dan speaker prayed for translation to resume after a 14-year interruption due to civil war. The New Testament (completed in 1981) was out of print, but the church was growing, and the Dan people recognized the need for Scripture in their language. They are eager to have the Bible – the full story of salvation. 

Lutheran Bible Translators joined the program in 2000. The Bible Society prints and distributes around 500 draft copies of translated books to Dan speakers for proof reading. “People love these booklets. They sit together and read, while others listen and ask questions,” reports translator Rev. Levi Yentee. Local churches partner to assist with reviewing translated portions. 

Over half the Old Testament books have been drafted. Completion of the whole Bible is projected for 2023.


Complete draft copies of 1 Thessalonians through Jude. 

Print and distribute copies of the drafted and checked books to churches, Bible study groups and literacy classes.


People are more attentive and have better understanding when God’s Word in in their language.

Local churches actively support the translation project.


Pray that funding will be available to expand Dan literacy programs.

Pray for good health for the translation team and and their families.

Pray for continued participation from local churches.

The Dan people have a great love for God’s Word! Nothing – not even war – has deterred them from their desire to have the whole Bible in their language. Your gift will provide Scripture that will nurture the spiritual growth of families and communities. 

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