There are 20 million Bibles sold in the U.S. each year. Hundreds of versions are available. Studies show that nine out of 10 households have at least one Bible. Many own three or more.

We often take this abundance of Bibles—an abundance of printed materials in general—for granted. But in many places around the world printed materials are a rarity. When a precious book is sold out, there is no easy way to replace it.

In just the past few years, several language communities faced shortages of translated Scripture. People want God’s Word. As one Lutheran Bible Translators’ (LBT) missionary observed, “They are willing to buy even a tattered, termite damaged copy if one can be found.”

In his message at the Kalanga Bible dedication in Botswana, the general secretary of the Bible Society of Botswana said, “Language is a divine gift from God and must be cherished. It must be harnessed to ensure that no single person lose touch with their creator God. The Bible translated into Kalanga is one of the greatest gifts of God to the people of Botswana.”

Everyone deserves to have God’s Word in their language. Gifts towards Bible printing provide funds for the first printing of newly translated Scripture as well as reprints when additional copies are needed.


Print newly completed Bible translations and reprint translated Scripture as needed.

Provide people with uninterrupted access to God’s Word in printed format.


Individual and community relationships change as people read and comprehend God’s Word.

The church grows when printed Scripture is available.


Pray that people will use printed Scripture for individual and corporate worship.

Pray that demands for printed Bibles will be fulfilled.

Pray for those still waiting for God’s Word in their languages.

Scripture impacts lives when people read and hear it in a language they understand. You can put God’s Word in their hands.

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