“Come help us with Bible translation!” It’s a plea heard by Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) over and over. People want to have God’s Word in their languages, but need the expertise offered by a professional translation organization to make it a reality.

Bible translation requires partnership between a mission organization and the language community requesting assistance. As with any major undertaking, research, planning and organization must occur before work can begin. Overseas travel to meet with church and Bible society leaders and visits to on-site locations are just a small part of the preparations that go into developing a viable, sustainable language program. The specific needs of each language community must be carefully assessed to determine the best way to put God’s Word into their hands. Typical cost for exploration and start up is around $30,000 per project.

“As mission leaders, we must consider the most effective method to be used for each unique translation opportunity,” says Rev. Rich Rudowske, Director for Program Ministries with Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT). “Do we send missionaries, or do we assist local churches to build their own capacity to advance translation and evangelism?”

The needs outweigh LBT’s means to respond. Adequate funding for new mission exploration results in more people receiving the Gospel.


Increase LBT’s capacity to answer translation needs.

Create new partnerships with communities committed to bringing God’s Word to their people through translation and Scripture engagement programs.


The number of language communities with access to Scripture in their mother tongues is growing.

Language communities with access to Scripture in their mother tongues are being uplifted and empowered through God’s Word.


Pray that those who desire to have God’s Word in their own language will receive the assistance they need to begin Bible translation.

Pray for the people and programs with which LBT currently serves.

Pray for wisdom and discernment as LBT meets with potential new partners to determine the feasibility of beginning a language project.

The need is great! People want God’s Word in their languages. Your gift helps LBT reach out to those asking for assistance.

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