Rob Hilbert

Rob Hilbert is currently working as a project manager through LBT in partnership with the Aramaic Bible Translation project (ABT). ABT’s mission is to translate God’s Word into all modern Aramaic dialects including Assyrian, Chaldean, Suryoyo (Turyoyo), Ma’luli (Suryon) and Mardini. Rob’s grandparents spoke Assyrian as their heart language so this project is especially meaningful for him.

Rob grew up outside of Chicago and attended Valparaiso University. He has experience in project management, training, mother-tongue literacy, and translation. Additionally, he has an MBA with a focus in project management, an MA in Applied Anthropology with a focus in literacy, and a certificate in Applied Linguistics. In addition to working with ABT, Rob and his family have served with LBT in Sierra Leone and Botswana.

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