Rev. Linus Otronyi—one of many partners serving with Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) overseas—drives long distances as he works with over 20 language groups who are at various stages of translation, language development, and non-print media production. He lives and works in Nigeria, where—according to one online resource—road conditions are problematic.

We’re all aware of the dangers of poor road conditions. Aside from the increased risk of accidents, washed out roads and potholes mean increased wear and tear on tires, suspension, and axles. It takes a robust, reliable vehicle to handle rough terrain and safely deliver partners to their destinations.

Rev. Otronyi’s vehicle is almost 10 years old and not sturdy enough to handle Nigerian road conditions. He’s not alone. Partners in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone also face hazardous situations as they visit projects in remote locations. There is a current urgent need for at least four vehicles.

Buying a vehicle overseas—new or used—can be challenging, and expensive. And when the inevitable happens—from flat tires to faulty transmissions—repairs are costly and time-consuming. Delays in travel means cancelled meetings, interruptions in language project progress, and extra stress added to an already demanding job.

Having safe, reliable transportation allows partners to continue their work to spread God’s Word!


Maintain sufficient funds to provide safe, reliable transportation for partners.

Avoid delays in program progress due to transportation issues.


Reliable vehicles allow partners to travel with confidence.

Projects move more smoothly when all participants and team members are able to meet consistently and on schedule.


Pray for travel mercies as partners drive both locally and to remote locations.

Pray that partners are able to purchase affordable, quality vehicles that will serve their needs.

Pray for good progress in language programs located in remote places.

Everyone needs reliable transportation! Your gift provides vehicles that can stand up to rough terrain, weather extremes, and long-distance travel.

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