Dr. Becky Grossmann

Dr. Becky Grossmann began serving with LBT in 1985 as an assistant to the language program manager in Liberia, West Africa. She became the manager for a short time before being assigned as translation advisor to the Bandi people of Liberia in 1989 and the NT translation was completed in 1996.

After several years in the U.S., Becky’s LBT service resumed in July 2012. Since then, she has completed a Doctor of Ministry degree to make the most of her gifts and raise her qualifications to standards compatible across the field of Bible translation. She currently serves as a Bible Translation consultant for projects in Liberia. She facilitated the completion of the Gola New Testament in 2019. She is also involved with three other whole Bible translation projects in Liberia, particularly for the Bandi, Dan and Maan people. Becky assists translators via innovative technologies such as internet communications and teleconferencing, with periodic in-person visits to Liberia.

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