Episode : Luther’s Translation as Pastoral Care

October 30, 2020

Martin Luther once wrote “I wish that every village had its own interpreter and that this book alone would live in the hands, eyes, ears, and hearts of all people.”  Dr. Erik Herrmann talks to us about the role of Bible translation during the Reformation and today. Join Dr. Herrmann and host, Rich Rudowske to discuss keeping scripture at the center of it all, pastoral care, social media versus the printing press, and more.

 “Luther decides pretty early on when he discovers the Gospel that the thing that is going to reform the church is not him.” – Dr. Erik Herrmann

Essentially Translatable: In Their Hands

Essentially Translatable: In Their Hands

Episode 69: In Their HandsNovember 25, 2022Lutheran Bible Translators’ missionaries recount the amazing sights and sounds of Scripture dedications around the world. Listen in to the stories of impact as people received God’s Word for the first time in their own...