Episode 100: Greatest Hits | Rich and Emily

February 2, 2024

This week, we celebrate 100 episodes of Essentially Translatable! For this episode, co-hosts Rich Rudowske and Emily Wilson reminisce about some of their favorite moments from the past four years on the podcast.  

The Essentially Translatable podcast has brought countless stories from the field, interviews with Ministry Entrepreneurs, and conversations with international partners. Join us as we reflect on the many profound, spiritual, and informative discussions throughout the years. 

Hear something that sparks your interest? Click the links below to listen to the full episodes. 

Episode 7: Modern Day Tower of Babel | Rev. Linus Otronyi 

Episode 15: Luther’s Translation as Pastoral Care | Dr. Erik Herrmann   

Episode 17: Multi-Lingual Identity | Dr. Ebenezer Boafo   

Episode 26: Easter People 

Episode 32: Go to the Deepest Water | Bishop Andrew Gulle 

Episode 38: Speaking My Language | Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo 

Episode 41: Spirits, Charms, and Rituals | Dr. Mike Rodewald 

Episode 49 and 50: Scripture Impact | Pontsho Mosweu and Tshwari Tjetjoo 

Episode 52:  The Final Episode 

Episode 54: Lives are Changing | Mark & Marie 

Episode 65: Empower the Church | Sarah Esala 

Episode 84: Emotional Intelligence in Ministry | Michelle Thompson 

Episode 86: The Curse of Knowledge | Rev. Dr. Ryan Tinetti