Episode 98: Callings for Life | Dr. Jeffrey Leininger

January 5, 2024

Does God have one specific purpose in mind for you? Have you ever paused to examine the various roles God has assigned for you in life? In this episode of the Essentially Translatable podcast, Dr. Jeff Leininger and Dr. Rich Rudowske discuss our callings (plural) and how we can recognize them.  

Dr. Leininger is the author of Callings for Life: God’s Plan, Your Purpose. He currently serves as pastor at First St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Chicago, IL, which follows his twenty-one years as the campus pastor and Director for the Pre-seminary program at Concordia University Chicago.  

Join Jeff and Rich as they discuss the theology of vocation through the straightforward lens of recognizing the multiple callings God has chosen for us. By limiting ourselves to one calling, we can neglect the many opportunities that God has gifted us. To recognize these, we can take note of the spaces, the places, and the faces that surround us in our everyday moments. 

Many of us are called to be spouses, parents, teachers, or managers. We can be impacted by the places we study, relax, or work. We are often called to be actively engaged in our occupations and communities. By embracing the multiple ways God has called us, finding our purpose in life can become less daunting and make it easier to recognize where God is leading us.  

What comes to mind when you start to think about the callings God gave you rather than what you chose? 

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