Episode 17: Being Thankful

November 27, 2020

“Imagine what it means to have God’s Word in the language of your heart! …I think [Lutheran Bible Translator’s] work is the first step in any mission field.” Dr. Wayne Braun shares perspectives of partnering with Lutheran Bible Translators and God’s leading in life. Join Dr. Braun and host, Rich Rudowske to discuss gratitude, mission work and family, lay missions, changes over the last 20 years, translation partnerships, how God reaches hearts, and so much more. 

“The most important tool that a pastor, or a missionary, or a church worker, or a lay leader, or a Bible Class teacher has is the Scripture.” – Dr. Wayne Braun, senior pastor, Fishers of Men Lutheran Church, Sugarland, TX and board member, Lutheran Bible Translators

Essentially Translatable: More Than Words

Essentially Translatable: More Than Words

Episode 72: More Than WordsJanuary 6, 2023Scripture is more than words.  When passionate local leaders are equipped with the resources, time, and capacity, more language communities will be reached with God’s Word. More people will experience the hope, life, and...