Language is the primary means by which we communicate with one another. It also reflects how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Language is affected by the prevailing standards found within a culture, making each of the world’s over 7,000 languages unique. 

A Bible translation must convey the meaning of God’s Word to people who are unfamiliar with the key concepts and themes found in Scripture. How do you translate the word “forgive” when the people have always practiced a tradition of revenge and retribution? What if the language uses the same word to mean different things? If “meeting fact to face” implies confrontation, how do you translate so the true meaning is obvious?

Bible translation missionaries must be trained in methods that help them analyze language structure – grammar, semantics and syntax. They must also discern how the culture and traditions prevalent in a language community affect the thoughts, words and actions of the people they serve. Being sensitive and respectful of the beliefs and customs of the host culture will result in a Biblically accurate translation that will be meaningful, accepted and well used. 


Provide quality education for missionaries serving in Bible translation and language programs.

Have enough trained personnel to meet the need for Bible translation around the world. 


Well trained missionaries impact language communities as they apply and share the skills they have learned. 

People are coming to faith as they read and hear clear and accurate Bible translations in their languages. 


Pray that more mission minded individuals will apply for service with Lutheran Bible Translators.

Give thanks for the training programs that prepare missionaries to serve in translation and Scripture engagement projects around the world.

Pray that missionaries build good relationships with language partners as they put their training into practice.

We need to use the correct words when translating God’s Word into their languages. You can help new missionaries receive the training they need to share Scripture around the world in languages that are unique to each language community. 

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