It is vital for churches in a language community to carry out further translation work, literacy, or other engagement with Scripture whether or not a missionary is present. To ensure this, it is crucial to invest in local partners and their physical infrastructure.

These are more than buildings—they are mission outposts that help gain a foothold in areas where the Gospel has yet to take deep root. They are mission outposts from which qualified and trained church leaders, evangelists, teachers, and leaders can be deployed. These local people, prepared for the task, can share God’s Word in their heart languages and help the church and community to immerse more deeply into the Scriptures.

In the next five years, we plan to work with our partners to improve or develop infrastructure in Southeast Asia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Gifts to the International Development Fund will strengthen heart language Bible translation and Gospel proclamation in ministry locations that “salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6B


Provide secure premises where partners can meet, learn and create Bible and Bible based materials.

Ensure that the Gospel will continue to spread into the future.


Local language communities are actively promoting translation and Scripture engagement projects.

Partners work with greater efficiency when reliable technology and communication is available.


Pray that partners receive needed training and equipment.

Pray that language communities are motivated to participate in translation and other church activities.

Pray for productive relationships between Lutheran Bible Translators and its many partners.

Your gift to the International Development Fund is an investment in the future of the church around the world.

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