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Each month, the prayer calendar highlights specific programs, communities, missionaries and steps in the Bible translation process, guiding our collective prayers towards the areas that need them the most.

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Embrace the power of collective prayer as we join together to uplift crucial aspects of our work, fostering spiritual growth and unity in our global community.


Below are several examples of the types of prayers you will find in the calendar. Unite with us in lifting up these petitions.

Pray interest in literacy continues to grow and the team will be able to answer the need for classes and materials.

Pray the translation team will stay focused and committed in the face of external challenges.

Pray the local communities will fully support the translation work.

“The work we do has different aspects. Some people, maybe God has called them to pray. Maybe some people God has called them to go. And together, when people are praying, we know that together God has called us to accomplish this goal.”

Rev. Linus Otronyi
Programs Director for Nigeria
Lutheran Bible Translators

“It is a blessing to know that out there are many people holding my hands through prayer.”

Dr. Brigitte Rabarijaona
Translation Consultant for Sierra Leone
United Bible Societies (Partner Organization)

“Even when I don’t know how to pray for myself or I’m at a loss for words, it’s encouraging to know that there’s someone out there who has my back and is praying for me during my ministry – that’s very, encouraging and also very humbling.”

Tiffany Smith
Community Engagement Specialist, Tanzania
Lutheran Bible Translators


Last Thursday of Every Month

You will be invited to attend a monthly prayer gathering online (via Zoom).

During this meeting, we’ll lift up specific prayer petitions and stay connected with each other by sharing personal prayer requests.