1. Pray for the Ipili translators from Papua New Guinea, Mandita Kunuma & his daughter Margaret Mandita, who are in the midst of attending a workshop to learn more about the translation computer program Paratext. Pray they will be able to apply what they learn to their translation work.
  2. Pray for Karissa (a missionary kid) as she begins her first year of college and for her parents as they adjust to her absence.
  3. Pray for Eden (a missionary kid) as she continues to grow in Christ and discover the gifts and passions he has given her.
  4. Pray for Kelsey Grulke as she and her husband Carl engage in homeschooling and partnership development this fall. Pray that through all the change happening that she will feel anchored in Jesus.
  5. Pray for Michael Megahan who is in Tanzania training a group of Kerewe teachers and leaders with the goal for them to learn and practice Bible translation principles and to identify those who will be the first translators for this new translation effort.
  6. Praise God for his grace to help Alvina Federwitz live with arthritis. Pray she will find relief from the pain in her neck, hips, and knees whether through the right doctor or treatment or even a miracle.
  7. Pray for the member care team as they begin a series of classes to develop skills and strategies for effectively addressing the holistic needs of those who serve with Lutheran Bible Translators.
  8. Pray for those attending the cultural dinner at Concordia University Nebraska—for God to open their hearts and minds as they learn about service opportunities with LBT.
  9. Pray that God’s people at LBT would turn to the Father daily and often in prayer, remembering that nothing is too big or too small for him.
  10. Pray for Tim and Lisa Beckendorf as they travel throughout Illinois, Wisconisn, and Michigan sharing about their work with partners.
  11. Pray for Angelo Tayloe as she transitions into the role of LBT’s finance manager.
  12. Pray for the Likɔɔnl (Komba) Bible Translation project as they host Nathan Esala for a session of checking throughout mid-September.
  13. Pray for Emily Wilson, LBT’s Mission Mobilization Coordinator, as she spreads awareness of the need for missionaries to serve in the ministry of Bible translation.
  14. Pray for the Wayeyi Bible translation team, Motswasele and Keene, as they work on their assigned New Testament books. Exegete Eshinee Veith currently connects with them remotely by internet. Thank God for connectivity!
  15. Pray for the literacy specialists who have the goal of producing 30 books by October to enrich the literacy work for the Shekgalagari in Botswana.
  16. Pray for Paul Federwitz as he supports the computer needs of missionaries and staff which are vital to the global nature and technological requirements of Lutheran Bible Translators’ work.
  17. Pray for LBT personnel to receive God’s love by employing practices of “Sabbath” and “rest” despite the fact there’s always more that can be done.
  18. Jim and Susan Kaiser are visiting partners to share about their work in Ethiopia. Pray for health, wisdom, and patience with each other, and that they would glorify God in what they do and say.
  19. Pray for Jonathan Federwitz (PNG) who is attending an Aviation Technical Conference at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC—for safe travels and for great learning and idea sharing with aviation colleagues from around the world.
  20. Pray for LBT’s partner organizations and churches in the countries where they serve—for capacity building efforts, community engagement, resources of people, finances, computers, and space to carry out their work.
  21. Pray for Mike Rodewald (executive director of LBT) as he carries the burden and privilege of casting vision and directing the efforts of LBT’s work around the world.
  22. Pray for missionary kid Luke who is now serving at Ft. Drum as a pilot with the army. Pray that his faith would run deep and sustain him wherever God leads him.
  23. Praise God for the many seen and unseen ways he protects LBT’s missionaries. We especially celebrate Al Grossman’s life—24 years ago his life was protected when he was shot in the legs while serving in Liberia. His wife Becky still assists translation efforts there!
  24. Pray for missionaries who are negotiating their first term on the field—that they will abide in Christ and not be overcome by challenges they face.
  25. Pray for missionaries who have families suffering from health problems—for wisdom to know how to give support from afar.
  26. Sing a new song to the Lord! Pray for individuals who write music to engage people with God’s Word.
  27. Pray for the seven LBT missionaries who are preparing papers for the Bible Translation Conference in October.
  28. Praise God for LBT International Associate Rev. Linus Otronyi (Nigeria) as he coordinates efforts to meet translation needs in various language areas.
  29. Pray for the Grulke kids (missionary kids) as they travel with their parents who are forming partnerships for their future ministry in Botswana—for patience, rootedness despite numerous changes, and joy in Jesus.
  30. Today is International Translation Day! Praise God for the transformative work he has done in the lives of people and their communities through heart-language Scriptures.