For years, the Yekora New Testament project lay idle. Recently, a group of young people decided to pick up and finish the task. The group has received preliminary translation training; however, it can take years to be fully equipped.

Access to training is a challenge. While we explore long-term solutions to bring training to the remote communities, the trainees must navigate mountains, forests, and an ocean to reach these meetings. Traveling by boat, for example, is an expensive necessity.

Your support of the Yekora project carries translators across long distances from remote locations to get training and participate in checking sessions with consultants. The group intends to publish the Gospels and Genesis by 2025! The Jesus Film will be translated after the Gospels are completed.


Hold a Paratext training workshop for the new Yekora translators. 

Complete back translation of Matthew, Luke and John. 


Translated Scripture will be better understood in the churches. 

People are excited to see and hear Scripture in their language. 


Pray that local Yekora community support will grow.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will be evident in the work of Bible translation.