In 2013, a prayer meeting was held at one of the Lutheran churches in the Waria River area in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Individuals felt God was calling them to do Bible translation so their communities could clearly hear the Good News.  

A multi-language project builds sustainability. The Zia, Suena, Yekora, Paiawa, Numbami, and Qaire languages make up the Waria Multi-language Project, named after the Waria River region.   

PNG’s lush jungles and mountainous terrain make travel challenging – many places can only be reached by plane, foot, or water. But God is calling and equipping the Church in these remote areas to serve in Bible translation. 


Conduct translator training for three teams.

Draft the books of Jonah and Ruth.


As the Bible is translated, elders in the community will turn to Jesus and abandon ancestral worship. 

Pastors will be trained to become translation exegetes and consultants, providing a sustainable network for translation in their own languages or to assist other communities.   


Pray for wisdom and joy as the Waria management team figures out how to best support all 6 languages in the project.

Pray for safe travel for Duncan Kasokason and Steven Ttopoqogo as they visit villages to train, consult, and encourage the efforts of the language communities.

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