Let's go to Africa!

This giant news really made us evaluate what we wanted our family life to look like and where both of us wanted to serve in ministry.

Carl and Kelsey

New Missionaries

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Would twins motivate you?

Carl and Kelsey Grulke share a love for the Word of God and for helping it come alive in the hearts of those who hear the Good News.

Carl and Kelsey both grew up in central Iowa. Carl’s family was part of a local church plant, infusing him with a passion for reaching lost people with the Gospel in new and creative ways. Kelsey developed a love for God’s Word through church and working at Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp.

Like most of us, they periodically reflect on their life, values, and future direction. When they realized they were going to have twins, they saw it as an opportunity. It was then they decided to pursue a path toward a missionary career.


How do you respond to a life challenge? Do you see opportunity or hinderance? I might seek to withdraw from uncertainty if my family suddenly went from three kids to five. Yet I admire the Grulkes who see unexpected change as an opportunity to move forward with God.


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LBT is seeking Lutherans to serve overseas through the ministry of Bible translation and Scripture Engagement. If you feel that God may be leading you towards missions, LBT may have a place for you.