Themne speakers need the full Bible. The New Testament is available, but that is only half of the Bible – only half the story of God’s Word.

The translation team has drafted all the Old Testament books. Some books are in circulation among Themne communities and churches, and the feedback has been very positive. The team continues to work through the other stages of translation – team review, community review, and consultant review – to ensure the translation is accurate, beautiful, and clear.

“I never had the opportunity to listen to the Word of God in my heart language until today,” said a Themne traditional leader and Muslim. He promised to attend any meetings where God’s Word is discussed or preached in the language he can truly understand.


Review and team check the books previously drafted.

Implement community engagement programs in major Themne-speaking communities.


Use of translated Scripture brings about a better understanding of God’s Word.

People respond well when presented with ways to watch or listen to Scripture in Themne.


Pray for consulting financial support for the project.

Pray for good health for all those associated with the translation.

Praise God that completed Old Testament portions are being well received by Themne churches and communities.

Bible Translation in local languages is pivotal if people are to deeply engage with the Word of God. Your gifts provide translated Scripture used in outreach to those Themne who have not had the opportunity to hear the Word of God in a language they can understand. 

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