Nsenga New Testament (Zambia)

Publishing Mark

God blessed the work of the committee, the translators, and the advisor. The Bible Society of Zambia continues to provide strong support, and the team was able to take advantage of a good model text in a related local language. While continuing to work on drafts of other New Testament books, the committee published the Gospel of Mark in Nsenga (the first book of the Bible written in modern Nsenga) in May of 2013. First drafts of all NT books were finished by the end of 2013.

The Final Stretch

By the end of 2015, the Nsenga project hopes to have all books of the New Testament checked, reviewed, edited, and approved for translation.

The dedication ceremony for the Nsenga New Testament is tentatively scheduled for June 2016.

Nsenga New Testament (Zambia)

The Nsenga Bible Translation Project began in early 2010 as a grassroots movement of the Nsenga-speaking people in Zambia. Working in conjunction with the Bible Society of Zambia, local stakeholders—including traditional chiefs and local churches—formed the Nsenga Bible Translation Project Committee to organize the translation work.

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