NOLA Expansion is a multi-faceted project that includes linguistic and sociolinguistic research in two minority language communities in Southeast Asia. Neither of these languages have a written format. Both are largely unreached with the Gospel, though contact with another organization has established a Christian presence. This Christian group has requested assistance with the development of liturgical songs. It is anticipated that meeting this need will lead to wider community participation in language research and the development of Scripture stories. 

Interaction with speakers of these language groups will allow project personnel to study language structure and create preliminary writing systems. Community needs can be met by producing stories and health lessons that can be distributed electronically. As relationships grow and people gain interest, initial language development activities will lead to future Scripture engagement through oral, digital and print formats. 

*pseudonym used because of sensitive situation 


Study language structure and develop written format. 

Provide easily accessible Scripture engagement materials. 


Language communities are supportive of research efforts. 

Scripture engagement materials are being used and shared. 

Pray for good relationships between researchers and language communities.

Pray for safety as information and data is collected in this sensitive area of the world.

Pray that the NOLA project will lead to future Bible translation work.

There are many unreached peoples throughout the world. An understanding of their cultures and language structures is vital before comprehensive Bible translation projects can begin.  

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