There have been sporadic efforts to bring Scripture to the Mbe people of Nigeria for 40 years. Serious translation and Scripture engagement efforts began in earnest in 2012, with the formation of the Ogoja Luke Partnership. This group of several languages in south east Nigeria banded together to produce a translation of the book of Luke and the dubbing of the Jesus Film in their respective languages. 

Building on this foundation, the Mbe Language Committee is promoting the use of the Jesus Film and the audio version of Luke to develop awareness and interest in Bible translation. People in this oral society are excited about using these materials. 

Translation has already begun on the book of Mark. Recurrent screenings of the Jesus Film, along with expansion of Scripture listening and reading groups, will introduce a growing number of people to Mbe Scripture. As God’s Word becomes more accessible, an increasing number of individuals and churches will offer support to the project. 


Create awareness and encourage the use of Scripture materials. 

Continue translation of the New Testament. 


The Mbe community is engaging with God’s Word. 

Scripture in various formats reaches all segments of Mbe society. 


Give thanks for those who are using and endorsing Scripture materials.

Pray that additional individuals will express interest in joining the translation team.

Pray that support for the project will continue to increase.

It’s taken many years for interest and support for Bible translation to grow among the Mbe community. Now an active language committee continues to provide Scripture resources so that all Mbe people will have access to God’s Word. 

Mbe Language Development

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