“I believe that nothing – absolutely nothing – but faith and total trust in the atonement in Christ’s death and redeeming blood gives us right standing with God.” 

Mrs. Gbeoh grew up in a culture where animism is prevalent. She heard the Gospel message as a child, attended literacy classes as an adult, and now serves as a reviewer with the Maan translation team in Liberia. 

For generations the Maan people believed in a supreme god but had no way to reach him. Now an Old Testament translation and revised New Testament will attest to God’s presence and accessibility to His people. The Maan are supportive of the translation and increasingly interested in learning to read and write their language. 

A significant portion of the Old Testament has been drafted with ongoing work on the New Testament revision. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion in 2023. 

Mrs. Gbeoh looks forward to the day when the whole Bible is available in her language. “I am proud to be participating in such a noble task for my people and my church!” she says. 


Complete the revision of the Gospels.

Continue dialog with communities desiring literacy classes.


Faith in Christ breaks barriers created by superstition and fear.

Increased literacy leads to a sense of pride and self-worth.


Pray that the Gospel message will reach more Maan speakers.

Pray that local churches will continue to support the translation project.

Pray for funding so literacy programs can be established in more communities.

A revised New Testament and Old Testament translation will affirm the presence of a loving God to people who have held false beliefs for generations. Your support will provide Scripture that will nurture their spiritual growth. 

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