In Sierra Leone, the Kuranko Literacy and Scripture Engagement Program began in 2000. Many learned to read, some began Bible translation work, and others volunteered in Scripture engagement. But after five years, funding ran out. Five communities volunteered their service to continue literacy classes. They involved The Institute of Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL), sending progress reports and inviting them to learner assessments and graduation ceremonies. 

These five communities kept operations running for 18 years after the end of grant funding, but church and community requests for literacy programs are growing and volunteers can no longer keep up. The Kuranko speakers are persistent in their hope! Reopening this program with the support of Lutheran Bible Translators will provide financial stability. Resources will allow more people to interact with Scripture in the language they understand best. 


Develop new materials that will aid the establishment of literacy and Scripture engagement programs.  

Establish 12 new literacy classes. 


God’s Word in Kuranko is impacting hearts. 

Faith is built on a strong foundation as people read Scripture in their heart language.


Pray that local churches will be empowered to read and interact with God's Word in their mother tongue, Kuranko.

Pray that lay leaders will be trained to teach the Kuranko Bible in Sunday Schools.

Pray for a continuing increase in local funding as the Kuranko community sees the benefit of literacy.