The Kukele language committee in Nigeria wants to do more than give people access to God’s Word. They want to see that God’s Word has impact and is transforming lives.

The Kukele New Testament was completed in 1979. Today, a dynamic literacy and Scripture engagement program promotes activities that benefit men and women, young and old, educated and less educated. As understanding of God’s Word grows, individual and community relationships will reflect the love of Christ as shown through Scripture.

Church leaders endorse the program. “I think in my mother tongue,” explained one pastor “I want to see the establishment of the use of the Kukele language in church through the reading of the Kukele New Testament. I also encourage the translation of the Old Testament and teaching the language in church primary school.”

God’s Word will be made available through various ways, including the Jesus Film, audio recordings and Scripture song workshops. Translation of the Old Testament is in progress.


Promote the use of the Jesus Film, audio recordings, and Scripture song workshops.

Draft the books of Esther and Leviticus.


The Kukele community is participating in a variety of Bible centered programs.

A greater understanding of Scripture is impacting peoples’ lives.


Pray for good progress on Old Testament translation.

Pray that more churches use translated Scripture during worship.

Pray that people are motivated to participate in various Scripture activities.

God’s Word is already impacting the Kukele community through the New Testament. Various literacy and Scripture engagement activities are impacting more people as Old Testament translation begins.

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