The Ipili people of Papua New Guinea received their printed New Testament in 2008, with the audio recording released the following year. Now they want more! The Ipili Bible Committee is encouraging greater use of Scripture throughout the Ipili community. Ipili speakers review and offer feedback on newly translated portions of the Old Testament. An increasing number of local churches are promoting literacy and Scripture engagement efforts.

People are growing in faith – and sharing the Gospel with others – as they learn to read and gain access to phone apps and other Ipili Scripture resources. They look forward to having the full Bible in their language. 


Prepare Genesis for printing.

Implement Scripture engagement activities to educate and involve more people in the language project.


More people are sharing God’s Word through increased availability of Scripture resources.

The Ipili community is actively supporting the project through prayers and funding.


Pray for the establishment of a successful literacy program.

Pray that the Ipili continue to grow in faith as they utilize Scripture resources.

Pray that more individuals will show interest in becoming translators or literacy teachers.

As Old Testament translation continues, a multi-faceted Scripture engagement program will provide the Ipili people with a variety of ways to read, hear and understand God’s Word.  

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