The New Testament published in the Northern Grebo dialect of Liberia does not communicate God’s Word clearly to those living in the southeastern region of the country. Lack of Scripture materials hampers efforts to spread the Gospel among those who speak several different Grebo dialects in this area. 

A comprehensive language survey will be conducted in four counties by Bible society personnel. A linguist/translation consultant will build relationships with local leaders while exploring Scripture needs. Final documentation will suggest specific translation projects that will provide Grebo speakers with the opportunity to hear and interact with God’s Word. 



Hold Stakeholder engagement visitations for the purpose of meeting with traditional elders, church leaders, and community leaders in various Grebo speaking communities.

Work closely with a linguist to conduct a comprehensive survey that will suggest the appropriate translation that needs to be implemented.


Support and enthusiasm for Bible translation will grow through contact with survey staff. 

Unreached Grebo speakers will receive God’s Word as translation projects are implemented. 


Pray for safety and meaningful connections as survey personnel travel to different areas to interview community and church leaders and village elders.

Pray for wisdom and clarity to determine the specific Scripture needs for the Grebo people.

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