Crates of the Fakki New Testament sit unopened, because most Fakki speakers are unable to read. They wait for the opportunity to become literate. The Lutheran Church of Togo recognizes the importance of literacy to spread the Gospel. 

Literacy activities will engage the community and encourage their desire to read and write. A literacy office must be set up. Staff will be recruited. Locations will be identified for literacy sites and materials will be created. The goal is to provide classes for as many as 525 learners. These 12-month classes will be monitored to ensure proper instruction and good progress for students. 

Literacy is also vital to socio-economic development. A literate people are better able to engage in revenue generating activities – reducing poverty and benefiting everyone in the community. 


Purchase or produce educational materials, provide teacher training, and begin literacy classes.

Reduce the level of illiteracy and poverty among the Fakki people, transforming communities through Bible study and improved language skills.


Reading and comprehending God’s Word has spiritually transformed the Fakki community.

A literate people are better able to engage in revenue generating activities, resulting in a self-sufficient literacy program and improved economic conditions.


Pray for those coordinating the development of the literacy program.

Pray that the Fakki are bold to learn to read and write their language.

Pray that sufficient educational materials are available for teachers and literacy students.

The Fakki are in need of the strength and guidance to be found in Scripture. Your gifts will help support literacy programs that will give people access to the Fakki New Testament.
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