The goal of Aramaic Bible translation is to translate God’s Word into all modern Aramaic dialects: *Sabelto cluster. Speakers of these languages can trace their Christian roots back almost 2,000 years.

War and violence have displaced many Aramaic Christians from their homelands. Rob Hilbert of Lutheran Bible Translators, himself a descendant of Assyrian grandparents, is assisting with the project.

“As war and unrest continues in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, more Aramaic Christians are being forced from their homes. Many have emigrated to the U.S. among other western countries. By providing the comfort of Scripture in their own language, we can help the Church better serve them and assuage some of the trauma they have endured.”

Second and third generations of Aramaic descent also benefit from the work of the translation teams, gaining insight in to their history and culture while reading and hearing God’s Word in their own ancient mother tongues. A member of the Chaldean translation team relates how instead of opening his store, one shop owner sat in his car for over an hour listening to audio Scripture. “This is so interesting I cannot leave it!” he said.

In addition to new translation, the project has updated older translations and produced Scripture videos to address the needs of Aramaic speakers across the globe.

*pseudonym being used to sensitive situation


Compile and maintain a language database, identifying grammatical and spelling issues.

Update translations as needed to reflect changes identified through database research.


Aramaic speakers are using Scripture as it becomes available in their languages.

Translated Scripture teaches new generations about their culture and heritage.


Pray for clarity of vision as translation proceeds in five languages.

Pray that the translated Scriptures bring hope and comfort to Aramaic speakers scattered across the world.

Pray for safety for those still in danger from the violence of war and the prejudice of their fellow countrymen.

Give your gifts in support of Aramaic Bible translation help provide Scripture for those who long Christian heritage has not succumbed to the ravages of war or displacement. Help those who speak Aramaic languages receive God’s Word in their languages. 

Aramaic Bible Translation

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Bible translation costs vary based on the project. Operating expenses can vary in different parts of the world and for different portions of Scripture. Put God’s Word in their hands!

$35 translates a verse of Scripture
$1,000 translates an average chapter

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