Yesterday, we introduced you to LIBTRALO’s new Executive Director, David Setiyee.  Although that post was scheduled weeks in advance, coincidentally, David became seriously ill on Monday, July 23rd.  He has just now allowed us to release the details of his situation, so that we can ask you to pray for him.

God is good. Sometimes it takes faith to hold that truth in the face of our circumstances. Three days ago, LIBTRALO’s Administrative Secretary, Watchien heard a strange noise and found David unconscious on the floor, blood soaking his clothes.

David Setiyee (SEE-tie) is the new leader for LIBTRALO, our partner organization in Liberia. David has been working very hard, not just coming up to speed as the new director, but seeking to rebuild an organization to have an impact in the lives of people and effective in God’s mission. The previous director of LIBTRALO was incapacitated over a year ago by a massive stroke. Now David’s coworkers were rushing him on his way to the hospital, his life uncertain. As Watchien said, “David Setiyee is almost dead.  I found him bleeding from the mouth, nose and any other place that blood can come from.”

Earlier that day, immediately following LIBTRALO devotions at noon, David and his executive committee had met in his office to discuss the approach that they would take to move LIBTRALO to local ownership. Liberia is still recovering from a decade of horrible civil war. Foreign aid organizations continue to pour a lot of money into almost every segment of the economy – and people have come to expect such aid. Many people in Liberia are not convinced of the need to move to local ownership. Leadership in such an environment is stressful.

Now, David is stable and recovering in the JFK hospital in Monrovia. The doctors have diagnosed David with a bleeding ulcer.

The next day at the LIBTRALO staff devotions, Seapo (LIBTRALO’s Finance Officer) gave some announcements on behalf of the management team saying that if LIBTRALO was to survive they need to make some major changes soon – encouraging the team to adopt the very changes David had been proposing.

David asked us to share this news.  He feels it was God who preserved his life and he prays that God would enable him to lift LIBTRALO to higher heights.  Please join us in thanking God for this mercy and in asking Him to bring David to complete recovery.  Also pray that God will give David wisdom in continuing to lead LIBTRALO to local ownership.

While we have only now received permission from David to share details of this event, we ask you to pray for both a full recovery for David as well as continued unity and focus for the LIBTRALO executive team and staff.

By the way, hospitals in Liberia are different from hospitals in America. Alvina Federwitz is our missionary there and a close friend to the LIBTRALO staff.  She and Rev. Kollie, who is the vice chairman of the LIBTRALO Board of Directors, were on their way to the hospital when David’s close friend Nyanatee called them on their cell phone. Nyanatee asked if they could bring toilet tissue as nothing was provided for personal care at the hospital. They stopped to purchase towels and other toiletries that they thought he would need for his hospital stay and took off again toward the hospital. Nyanatee called again and asked them to bring drinking water, so they stopped again for that.  Can you imagine?