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We invite you to get involved. Bible translation and Scripture engagement are vital components of a global mission of extreme importance, and it takes all of us. Our mission is about making sure that literate or not, educated or not, everyone can engage with God’s Word and have it readily available to them in a form they can easily understand.

The translation process: Just how does Bible translation work? And what is involved in Scripture engagement?

LBT translations: What Bible translation projects has LBT completed? I want to learn more about LBT translations.

LBT is involved in many programs and projects around the world, many of them overlapping with each other.

Giving people access to God’s life-changing Word in their language involves translating the Bible in written form as well as equipping people with the skills to read and write in their language. Often it also involves creating audio versions of Scriptures, or helping people develop forms of worship that are meaningful within their culture. It always involves working with local partners, including local translators, churches and denominations, and existing leadership. To the degree we can, we share our expertise through training opportunities to ensure that people continue to engage God through his Word long after our missionaries leave.

This takes a team with a wide range of skills, from translation advisors and experts in Greek and Hebrew, to IT specialists who help develop the technology and communications infrastructure needed to facilitate programs, to tutors for the children of missionaries, to regional directors responsible for coordinating everything from logistics and protocol to ensuring missionary well-being.

Our work impacts many aspects of life.

Bible translation does not happen in isolation. Our field work often involves language development (recording history, creating dictionaries, documenting culture), health development (AIDS awareness, trauma healing training), and physical development (water systems, farming techniques). LBT will call upon specialist organizations to help with requests outside of our expertise.

Father, you could have left us in our sin, worshiping the spirits. But you thought of us because of your grace. You gave us your love and sent us your Word.

Author Unknown

Our joy at having God’s Word in our very own hands is almost like the joy we will have when Jesus comes back again.

Author Unknown

We have lived here all this time like animals, not having God’s talk. Now we have it, carved on paper, we can hold it in our hands and will not be forgetting it.

Speaker at the New Testament dedication Iduna language, Papua New Guinea

I have been like Jacob, digging big wells to get a little refreshment. Now I’m living beside a crystal-clear stream and the water is so refreshing.

Tawaia pastor in Papua New Guinea


If you feel that God may be leading you towards missions as a career, we may have a place for you.
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