1. Pray for blessings upon Rev. Kierien Ayugha and Rev. Linus Otronyi, international associates of LBT, who are working in various projects to help people gain access to God’s Word in their heart languages.
  2. Pray for LBT’s mission dinner events at Concordia universities this month. Pray that the attendees will discern God’s calling for their lives and be mobilized to serve faithfully in His mission.
  3. Pray for Eshinee Veith as she starts her position of training coordinator for LBT and attends trainings and conferences this month to build capacity for this role.
  4. Pray for God’s continuing guidance for Rob and Mical Hilbert (Botswana) as they celebrate another year of marriage.
  5. Pray for Rob and Eshinee Veith as they debrief their work in Botswana and plan for future ministry roles.
  6. Pray for Jim Laesch and Emily Wilson as they represent LBT at Concordia University Chicago’s Tyndale Day.
  7. Pray for Ali Federwitz, Sarah Esala, and Melissa Schweigert as they participate in a class called Crosswired to help them develop healthy and sustainable practices to care for LBT personnel.
  8. Pray for discernment and perseverance for Jim Laesch (regional director for Southern and Eastern Africa) as he matches his experience and knowledge with his love for Bible translation and those involved in this work.
  9. Pray for good adjustments and a safe delivery as the Wagner family (Sierra Leone) welcomes child #4 this month.
  10. Pray for the Shekgalagari literacy team (Botswana) as they begin the process of editing and test publishing some of the books that they have been working on this year.
  11. Pray for rest and renewed strength for staff and students at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, where Rev. Kierien Ayugha and Chuck Tessaro teach in the Bible Translation Department.
  12. Pray for safe travels for everyone travelling to the BT 2017 conference in Dallas, TX. BT 2017 is an academic bienniel event that brings people together from all over the world who work in Bible translation so they can share ideas.
  13. Pray for those attending BT 2017, that participants will be able to pick up helpful ideas that they can integrate into their Bible translation work.
  14. There are a significant number of LBT missionaries presenting academic papers at the BT 2017 conference. Pray that they will be able to communicate clearly as they speak into the lives and ministries of fellow members of the global Bible translation community.
  15. Give thanks to God for Serena and Elliot Derricks’ (Cameroon) willingness to serve God overseas. Pray that their marriage would be strengthened and renewed.
  16. Pray for missionaries as they facilitate several Sunday school in-service trainings to help leaders use the Gospel of Luke curriculum that has been developed.
  17. Pray that the Derricks family will develop a faithful team to support them as they prepare for departure in 2018 to their field assignment in Cameroon.
  18. Pray for the Themne, Mende, Kono, and Sherbo translation projects in Sierra Leone as a consultant from the Global Translation Office works with these teams to further train them and check portions of their translations.
  19. Pray for ears to hear, a mind to understand, and patience for Amy Formella (Sierra Leone) as she launches into full time language learning.
  20. Pray for Ali Federwitz (Ghana) as she facilitates a retreat exploring meditative arts.
  21. Pray for safety and fruitful learning as the Khwedam, Shekgalagari and Shiyeyi translation teams (Botswana) travel to Zambia to participate in a training workshop.
  22. Pray for safe travels and receptive hearts as LBT missionaries doing partnership development travel around the U.S. Pray for opportunities for personal renewal during their journeys.
  23. Pray for Sierra Leone as it continues to deal with the aftermath of the flooding and landslides that occurred in August. LBT has many significant partners and relationships through their Bible translation work there.
  24. Pray for Nathan Esala (Ghana) as he moves forward in drafting his PhD dissertation – that he will clearly communicate his research and have insight into how to best integrate his findings into Bible translation practices.
  25. Pray that Janet Borchard (Papua New Guinea) will have a valuable and productive time with the Ipili translation team as she works with them intensely during this month and November.
  26. Pray for the Beckendorf family (Botswana) during their mini-furlough. The list of things to do and places can be long, but their time in the U.S. isn’t. Pray for times of refreshment for body, soul, and mind.
  27. Pray for Michael Ersland (Ghana) as he continues to learn language and culture during his first term.
  28. Pray for Charlotte Brandt as she supports missionaries through her work at the International Office in Concordia, MO – that she will grow in grace and knowledge to keep doing her job well.
  29. Pray for wisdom and insight as Rich Rudowske, Emily Wilson, and Jim Laesch travel to Asia to explore new program areas and partnerships needed for LBT to join the work in this area of the world.
  30. Join Chuck and Karen Tessaro in thanking God for the opportunity to serve with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.
  31. On this 500th Reformation Day, pray that God will do his reforming work in his Church throughout the world through the power of his Word. Praise God for translated Scripture that helps this happen.