1. Pray for the Beautiful Feet Mission Conference this week that God will continue to work in the hearts of those who are discerning their calling.
  2. Pray for Rebecca Rudowske to walk in the light of Christ, her Savior.
  3. Give thanks for three workshops this year for six languages of the Ikom area (Nigeria), and pray for progress to be made on their writing systems and the Gospel of Luke.
  4. Pray for Angela Tayloe, LBT’s new financial manager, as she works through her first budget and planning cycle.
  5. Pray for LBT’s work in sensitive areas—that our personnel will be protected and that God’s Word will go forth without hindrance.
  6. Give thanks with Ali Federwitz (Ghana) for the privilege to be mentored and to be able to serve with a missionary support team for two years. Pray for the team as they reflect on their ministry (November 6-9).
  7. Give thanks for Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo, LBT’s executive development officer, as he works to mobilize resources for Bible translation ministry.
  8. Pray for the LBT dinner happening today in Orange County, California – the birthplace of Lutheran Bible Translators.
  9. Give thanks for the Komba Bible and Literacy Project (Ghana) and their partnership with an organization that promotes local language literacy, resulting in 3000 local language literates in the area.
  10. Praise God for opportunities for Elliot and Serena Derricks (Cameroon) to share about their work with old and new supporters.
  11. Living in remote locations creates challenges for young families. Praise God for the nanny-grammy assistance by Deanna Hautz (Kara’s mom) to the Kuhn family (Cameroon) throughout this fall. Pray that a new volunteer would be identified to join them in the New Year.
  12. Pray for Judah Grulke who has eye surgery scheduled for November 15 to correct his strabismus.
  13. Pray for Michaela Federwitz (Ghana) to stay rooted and grounded in Christ’s love.
  14. Pray for safe travel and productive consultant checking sessions for six languages in Nigeria going on now through the 24th.
  15. Pray for Eshinee Veith who is in Zambia teaching lexicography through November 24th.
  16. Join the Kaiser (Ethiopia) and Federwitz (Ghana) families as they praise God for the encouragement and support they are receiving during travels to share about their work with LBT.
  17. Praise God for the work being done among the Nizaa people (Cameroon) who are mostly Muslim. Pray that God would prepare them to receive His Word that is being translated.
  18. Pray for the partnership between KOLIBITRAP (Ghana) and another church-based group that is helping them engage in strategies for church-based literacy.
  19. Pray for Dr. Mike Rodewald, executive director, as he seeks wisdom, listens to the Spirit, strategizes, and casts vision for LBT’s future.
  20. Pray for LBT’s 2017 Tammy Kinney Memorial Missionary Kid Scholarship winner Nathan Federwitz as he continues his studies at Concordia University Wisconsin.
  21. Praise the Lord for improved internet which has eased work stress for Michael Ersland (Ghana).
  22. Praise God for his faithfulness to Rob and Mical Hilbert (Botswana).
  23. Praise God for the great team of supporters for Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf. Pray for their transition back to Botswana and that they will find a new house soon.
  24. Praise God for LBT’s partnership with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.
  25. Pray for Botswana translators that are traveling home from Zambia—that they will have safe travels and integrate their learning into their work.
  26. Give thanks for Hannah Brown (Sierra Leone) as she supports the Wagner family as a nanny so Josh and Ruthie can work in translation and Scripture engagement.
  27. Give thanks for the relationships and cultural insights that Amy Formella is gaining as she learns language in Sierra Leone.
  28. Give thanks for the four languages of the Ogoja area of Nigeria which recorded the Gospel of Luke.
  29. Pray for Sarah Esala and Ali Federwitz (Ghana) as they meet to strategize ways to improve the care network for LBT personnel.
  30. Pray for the team from Canada that is preparing to minister to LBT missionaries in West Africa in January.