1. Pray for the students at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria who are writing their end-of-year exams to have clear thinking and wisdom in future planning.
  2. Pray for wisdom and guidance for all involved as Jim Kaiser (Ethiopia) checks 1-2 Thessalonians with the Tsamakko translation team.
  3. Pray for safe travel and productive checking sessions as the Mwaghaval team (Nigeria) checks the book of Job with Chuck Tessaro May 2-8.
  4. Praise God for the refreshment Ali Federwitz (Ghana) gained through worship, connection, and fun at the Thrive retreat she attended.
  5. Pray for insight and refreshment for Amy Formella (Sierra Leone) and Michael Ersland (Ghana) as they attend a retreat in Spain and gear up for upcoming furloughs.
  6. Pray for Carl Gulke as he juggles various responsibilities and figures out a healthy rhythm for work and life in Botswana.
  7. Pray for Linus Otronyi (Nigeria) and the six translation teams involved in a Gospel of Luke workshop May 6-24.
  8. Technology is important to Bible translation and Scripture engagement efforts. Pray that it will work well for LBT’s missionaries and home office staff.
  9. Pray for Berhanu Ofgaa as he encourages and supports the work of preparing students for Bible translation through the Mekane Yesus Seminary in Ethiopia.
  10. Pray for the upcoming advisory committee meeting for the Shekgalagari project (Botswana).
  11. Pray for Mike Rodewald, executive director of LBT – for wisdom, joy, and strong communication as he leads LBT.
  12. Pray for Tobias Kuhn and his siblings as they adjust to being in their passport country which seems foreign compared to their home in Cameroon.
  13. Pray for the reviewer’s workshop for the Shekgalagari project (Botswana) occurring May 14-17.
  14. Pray for Janet Borchard (PNG) as she advises translation work and plans for future transitions.
  15. Praise God for the joy Emily Wilson has as she shares about LBT’s work and mobilizes others to get involved.
  16. Praise God for the passion and experience that Michelle Miller pours into her family and work. Pray for continued wisdom in her endeavors.
  17. Praise God for the gifts that Ali Federwitz (Ghana) is using to serve her family, mission community, and others in LBT. Pray for renewed strength as she facilitates member care.
  18. Pray for Michael Ersland (Ghana) as he returns to the US for furlough – that God will provide great connections with family, friends, and churches.
  19. Pray for Missionary Kids (MKs) returning home for summer break – for sweet time with family and that God would meet all their needs.
  20. Pray for Ali Federwitz and Sarah Esala as they meet together to prepare presentations for CMI, consider best practices for LBT’s member care, pray and retreat together, and have fun.
  21. Pray for the Derricks family (Cameroon) as they search for housing in the area where their language project is located.
  22. Praise God for the diligence and detail that Angela Tayloe brings to her work managing LBT finances.
  23. Praise God for opportunities for Becky Grossmann (Liberia) to share about her translation work with churches. Pray that more weekday events would be scheduled and that her support goals would be met.
  24. Pray for the Themne Old Testament translation project (Sierra Leone) – that the translators would persevere through challenges and for Ruth Wagner as she advises and trains.
  25. Pray that Mike Kuhn (Cameroon) will thrive body, soul, and mind and will have a great family-work balance as he serves the Lord.
  26. Praise God for the 40th wedding anniversary of Rick and Jeannie Peterson (International Office).
  27. Pray for safe travels and good checking sessions as Chuck Tessaro and the Yala team (Nigeria) meet to check Old Testament books May 27-June 7.
  28. Pray for Ken Bunge as he works with the Chaldean translation.
  29. Pray for good health, open hearts, and God’s leading for those attending LBT’s Crossroads 2019 event in Ethiopia.
  30. Pray for Martin and Joan Weber to have wisdom so they can complete projects, prepare for others to continue work they’ve started, and finish well in Cameroon.
  31. Pray for Janet Borchard as she advises and encourages translation work during her current visit in Papua New Guinea.