Romans 10:15

A moving presentation. God’s Word is important for us.
It is vital for all people to have in a language that impacts they lives and hearts.

Survey results

I asked a bunch of LCMS pastors and church leaders for help. Their insights on the value of offering envelopes for people at church was helpful. Read about it here.

Dr Ofgaa, president of EECMY on languages

Dr Ofgaa speaks about the impact of language. Your mother tongue, the language you grow up speaking, is the language that expresses emotion and allow faith to blossom.

Hewate’s story

I forget where I was when I heard Dennis talk about Hewate, but I’ve never forgotten the story. Use it as a memorable sermon illustration.

Thank you

Pastors and teachers were instrumental in my decision to become involved in full time service in missions.

Stories like the ones below not only fascinated me – cultures I had never imagined – but they drew me to read the Bible, to study it, to get to know God correctly and more fully.

How can we help?

We believe that pioneer Bible translation is the most beneficial mission activity for any congregation or individual. It promotes an interest in God’s Word. It deepens your understanding of the Bible and God’s grace towards us. It extends the Gospel to the most marginalized peoples of the world.

If you want to have a guest speaker come to help you stir people up to love and good works*, just ask!

*(Hebrews 10:24)

To: Participation department