Her query would always be, “If we use this little money for my medical expenses, what will the children eat?”

We’re doing a series of posts that highlight people from four of our partner organizations that minister in the countries hardest hit by ebola. LBT has 87 national colleagues working in over 25 languages in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Their lives and ministries have been imperilled by Ebola and it’s effect on their nations. LBT’s Ebola Crisis Assistance campaign aims to help these brothers and sisters, both to remain safe and to press on in our joint efforts. Sign up here for future ebola updates.

Today’s update is a thank you from the Translation Director at LIBTRALO in Liberia who received assistance from LBT donors.

by N. K. Sayon, Liberia

N.K. SayonMy wife had been sick on and off for quite a while. Because of the stringent economic circumstances, we had not been able to seek medical help. Whenever we had a little money, I would insist she use it to get whatever medical attention it would possibly cover, although frankly speaking, it couldn’t do much. But her query would always be, “If we use this little money for my medical expenses, what will the children eat?” Honestly, her question always put us between a rock and a hard place. And then the assistance from LBT came in! It was a God-sent blessing!

My wife was now able to get medical treatment from a very good hospital. After a series of examinations, they found that her pneumonia was in an advanced state. It was like her heart was covered with a dew-like substance and there were many other complications. She was treated and we were able to get the recommended medication. She is now well again.

We would not have been able to meet up with the bills had it not been for the assistance from LBT. LBT’s gift also helped us so we could procure the disinfectants, sanitizers and other detergents we needed to protect ourselves every day.

I wish to tell LBT of my profound gratitude for the timely assistance. It enabled us to meet the medical bills that we could not afford. Just as the Romanian proverb goes, “It came just in time for Christmas!” (“Christmas” meaning, “the best time”)

May the Good Lord replenish you for the brotherly love and care that you have exhibited by your gifts. Keep us in your prayers as you have been doing and we will continue to pray for you also.


Nyanatee Sayon is currently based in Monrovia, Liberia and serves as the Translation Director for LBT’s partner LIBTRALO. He was one of the main translators of the Klao Bible, which was completed in 2011. He is passionate that all people in Liberia have the opportunity to hear and read God’s Word in their heart language. He tirelessly works with the writers and editors of language learning and education materials in 15 Liberian languages.

“Almighty God, We pray the number of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone will DECREASE and END. May Your Love heal every one who is sick; restore them to full health. By your power according to your Gracious will, Amen.”

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