We’re starting a new feature here on our new blog – a Story of the Week – where we share news from the field that is particularly inspiring or encouraging. For our first story, we want to share the words of Ntjidzi, a young Kalanga woman in Botswana. As she shares, you can tell that she is excited about having a Bible in her own language, as well as learning how to read and write. We hope you are encouraged by her words and her thanks. Since we want you to hear this in her own voice, we have not edited any of her writing. Her phrasing and idioms may sound strange to your ear but that only helps you get to know her better.

Ntjidzi (pronounced N-cheed-zee)Hi, my name is Ntjidzi Moncho. My name means ‘Savior.’ I am 20 years old, and I attend church at Gerald Estates where Pastor Megahan preaches in Kalanga. I have learned some English and Setswana, but I am glad to have a Bible in my own language, Kalanga. Some of the reasons why I like a Kalanga Bible:

A. Many words in Kalanga were dying out and we were replacing them with Setswana. Now that I have a Kalanga Bible, some of the old words are being revived and I understand them better than the Setswana and English. Not only am I learning their meaning and understanding the Bible better, I am learning to speak my own language better.

B. I have always spoken Kalanga, but now, I am learning to read and write. I learned the orthography (how to write), and now know how to write my own name properly!

C. I praise those who have done the translation, and I am glad that they are teaching me and helping me to understand the Bible. This is my mother tongue, and it is nice to hear the Bible in my own language.

D. At first I thought that translations weren’t really the Bible. But now I have compared the Kalanga with English and Setswana Bibles and see that even our Kalanga Bible is the same. It really is a Bible witnessing to me about the Truth.

Thank all of you for giving me the Bible in my own language.