“NOT guaranteed: running water, electricity, or internet.”

This ad might not typically inspire people to see the world. But the Lutheran Bible Translators Crossroads experience is not a typical overseas trip. Instead, Crossroads offers the opportunity to explore Bible translation ministry. Participants may discover if they are called to career mission work.

This June, the Crossroads team visited Ethiopia, eastern Africa. They observed staff and partners in dialogue. They dug deeper into the work of local missionaries who translate the Bible and support Scripture use. They studied the Dirayta, Tsamakko, Konso, Dorze, and Zayse programs—just a handful of Ethiopia’s more than 80 languages. They witnessed joys and problems in ministry.

Each participant was challenged to ask, “Can I see myself serving in God’s mission through Bible translation ministry?”

Mission partnerships are thriving in Africa, southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea! A great need exists for missionaries! To find out more about these international careers click here or contact recruiter@lbt.org.