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Ebola Crisis Assistance – Our partners…our friends

Lives and well-being of Sierra Leonean and Liberian coworkers are threatened because of the ebola epidemic in West Africa – spreading rapidly and claiming the lives of thousands. We have 28 coworkers in Sierra Leone and over 40 in Liberia. They have years of translation and teaching experience and encourage others to use and understand the Scriptures. The loss of even one worker would be a devastating blow to the mission of God’s Word being accessible in the heart language. Because of the ebola epidemic, coworkers are having to find new ways to accomplish their work while keeping themselves and their families safe. For example,

  • Workers do not own personal vehicles, they rely on shared public transport. You don’t know if you are riding with an ebola victim, or in a vehicle that just transported someone who was contagious.
  • Due in part to curfews, office hours are reduced.
  • Finding basic food commodities has become difficult, and food shortages increase prices drastically.
  • Schools are closed and public gatherings canceled.

Emergency funds will be distributed to workers to assist them with expenses such as buying safe food, disinfectants, medicines, extra cell phone minutes to allow working from a distance, and hiring safe transportation. For more details contact Jim Laesch or call 1-800-532-4253 ext. 24.

Liberia Almost Ebola Free – LBT Missionaries Return to Liberia

Lutheran Bible Translators has sent Missionary Alvina Federwitz back to work in Monrovia. Alvina has been working in Liberia for 41 years, sharing her skills and passion for all people in Liberia to hear and understand the Scriptures in their own Liberian language.

Joseph Kamara improving and thankful

Mr. Kamara is an enthusiastic member of the translation team - one of three translators. We pray that a quick recovery will strengthen the ongoing Old Testament translation work of the Bible Society of Sierra Leone. We're doing a series of posts that highlight...

Timely assistance makes a difference

As God would have it, just at that time, we received the assistance from LBT. We were able to secure essential drugs, food stuffs, Ebola prevention materials. …Also at this time my daughter became ill and we were able to get treatment for her at the local clinic.

Pray for Us as the Ebola Battle Continues

No schools, no development, no social gathering… And sick people refuse to go to hospital, fearing to catch ebola. Doctors fear to treat sick people fearing to catch Ebola.

The assistance sent by LBT saved my wife!

My wife had been sick on and off for quite a while. Because of the stringent economic circumstances, we had not been able to seek medical help. Her query would always be, “If we use this little money for my medical expenses, what will the children eat?”

Pray for LBT Coworkers in Sierra Leone

Yes, my wife Mirian is one of the nurses that works at the Lumley Government Hospital. …Our prayer request is for God to continue to protect us from this deadly outbreak and for it to be completely eradicated from the world.

What Would You Do?

Imagine for a moment. Your daughter comes home from school running a fever.  She lays on the couch and rests for a few days. When she’s sick to her stomach and doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time, you clean up after her. A lady in your neighborhood isn’t feeling...

Sierra Leone Update

LBT is enacting a precautionary evacuation of our missionary families from Sierra Leone. LBT is saddened by the growing threat of Ebola in West Africa. It is impacting the lives of countless people, including our friends, partners and even our own missionaries and...

Ebola Update

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him… The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.  (from Psalm 34) The Ebola outbreak that began in Guinea's remote southeast in February continues to...

Ebola Report from Sierra Leone

The Ebola virus has struck the Kailahun District of Sierra Leone—specifically Buedu, Kissi Tongi chiefdom—and church leaders and Bible translation partners are asking for our prayers. As of last Friday (June 13), 16 in this small community had died—three were literacy...

Let’s raise funds to relieve basic needs of our brothers and sisters during this crisis

Give online or mail to LBT, designated “Ebola Crisis Assistance

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“Lord, watch over and restore the Ebola victims. Comfort those who have lost a loved one. Keep the doctors, health workers and also LBT’s partners healthy. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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Let’s raise funds to relieve basic needs of our brothers and sisters during this crisis

Give online or mail to LBT, designated “Ebola Crisis Assistance


Give Now!
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