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On the Move – Part 1

Most of the current efforts for the LBT relocation are happening in Aurora, Illinois. However, I am already in Concordia, Missouri, as the first staff person to move down here (the lease on our Aurora house ended) and have been working from a temporary office in Biltz...

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Set Free!

March 21, September 30, April 27, July 4, August 10, and September 16 all have something in common.  They are the dates Namibia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, the U.S., Ecuador, and Papua New Guinea celebrate their independence, the day their countries and citizens received...

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A Literal Truth About LBT

When we at LBT give the short explanation of what we do, it generally boils down to three things: Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement. Seems pretty straight forward.  God's Word is translated into languages that have no Scripture and a manuscript is...

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