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They Came to Serve

Lutheran Bible Translators’ Missionaries Honored by US Kisi Community When civil war raged in Liberia from 1989-2003, its peoples searched for sanctuary. Some came to the United States. They gradually integrated into U.S. society but they also kept speaking their...

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LBT Core Values – Professionalism

Professionalism and mission… what does being ‘professional’ have to do with being involved in mission?  Isn’t doing mission primarily about sharing our faith with all of our heart? Well, yes, our mission isn’t going to be successful unless we pour all of our heart...

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Relocation – Where Did the Time Go?

How can we have less than a month and a half left until the relocation officially happens?!  Where did the time go?! That seems to be the general feeling around the office.  Time is flying by so quickly! At the office, we've been sorting through all of the furniture...

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Relocation – A Door of Opportunity

Relocation creates an opportunity for deep change.  And this relocation is no exception! We knew that the relocation would create opportunities to become better at our mission – it just wasn’t possible to predict exactly how that would happen. As we hoped, we are able...

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LBT Core Values – Innovation

By Paul Federwitz Missionaries are some of the most innovative people that I know. It starts when they move to an unfamiliar location and have to figure out things like putting food on the table or making electricity and plumbing work with a limited supply of parts....

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