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Using Scripture

Watch this insightful three minute video. Jim Laesch speaks about maximizing the impact of Scripture. [video width="720" height="480" mp4="" id="37477" src=""...

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An Investment in Changed Lives

The young Martin Luther invested years of his early life trying to figure out how he, a sinful being, could become reconciled with God. Once he came to understand that justification cannot be earned, he invested the rest of his life in helping others to understand...

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October 2018

Pray that Gloria Kuhn will have joy as she lives and learns with her family in Cameroon. Pray for good connections with people as Rev. Rich Rudowske and Emily Wilson share about the work of Bible translation at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. Pray...

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September 2018

Praise God for the Yala reading, Bible recitation, and Scripture-based song competitions that took place at the end of August in Nigeria. Pray for the workshop taking place this week to encourage reading, use of Scripture materials, and further translation work in the...

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