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The book of Acts contains many powerful stories, none more so than the story of the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples. There was the sound of a rushing wind. Flames appeared over their heads. And as the disciples opened their mouths and spoke to the crowds who came to the Jewish Pentecost celebrations about the amazing things that God had done over the past few years, the foreign visitors were stunned to hear them speaking in their very own languages from their distant homelands.

“…we all hear these people speaking in our own languages about the wonderful things God has done!”

Today, Lutheran Bible Translators is focused on making the Word of God accessible to people no matter what language they speak. Because many people are not – and may never be – literate, we want them to also be able to hear the amazing stories about what God has done.

In this year alone, LBT will be involved in Scripture recording projects in Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Namibia.

You have an opportunity to be part of the story. Sign up for the LBT blog and like us on Facebook. Please share with friends and family how lives are being changed as people hear in their own language and understand for the first time what God has done for them.

Just think: if we work together we may be the last generation of Christians who will have the privilege of making God’s Word accessible to people who have never before had it in their own language.

Share the mission, share His Word, share the joy of those who now know how wonderful He is.

A Literal Truth About LBT

When we at LBT give the short explanation of what we do, it generally boils down to three things: Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture engagement. Seems pretty straight forward.  God's Word is translated into languages that have no Scripture and a manuscript is...

The Rooster, the Cow Bells, and the Squeaky Chair

It's hot outside, stifling inside.  It starts to rain.  As sweat drips in your eyes the sound of the raindrops on the tin roof becomes a thundering crescendo. And work stops for the day. That is, if the work is recording the translated New Testament and you're an LBT...

Just Like Pentecost

Rev. John Bundor is the Volunteer Literacy Coordinator for the Kissi Literacy Program at The Institute for Sierra Leonean Languages (TISLL), a partner of LBT in Sierra Leone. Rev. Bundor is also a pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sierra Leone, currently...

Audio Scripture Comes to the Vai

From Alvina Federwitz, serving in Liberia, West Africa About a year and half ago I learned that you could put the entire Bible on an SD card.  Since we have eleven New Testaments in Liberian languages recorded, I downloaded the Lorma New Testament. After I...

Hearing the Word of God

Translation for oral societies Some scholars believe that the majority of the people in the world today remain predominantly oral communicators.  This means they either 1) cannot read, or 2) if literate, still prefer the spoken word as the primary means of...

Engaging Scripture

Lutheran Bible Translators is diligently working to determine best practices and implementation of what we call Scripture engagement. But what is Scripture engagement? Maybe you’re thinking, “I thought they were just Bible translators. That’s what they're called,...

Komba New Testament Recording Begins!

  LBT partnered translation makes way for Jesus Film The Likɔɔnl (Komba) New Testament was dedicated in Ghana in November 2014. On that same day, the Jesus Film in Likɔɔnl was debuted. Although LBT had little to do with the Jesus Film project, it was only...

The Bible in the Bush

It was an inspiring day at the LBT Service Center in Aurora, Illinois, as Rev. Tim and Lisa Beckendorf shared with the staff about how the Khwe people of Botswana are encountering God through his Word. Of more than 29 languages in Botswana, Tim says, citing...

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“Hearing God’s Word in my own language opened my heart to the Gospel.”

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