For missionaries serving abroad, flexibility as a trait is constantly taxed. It seems we are always on the move and the rules are always changing. New problems surface, and new solutions and even adjusted expectations are sometimes necessary. For example, when I first...

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August 2019

Pray that Valerie Federwitz will gain insight from her nutrition therapy studies that will help her support the health of LBT missionaries and staff. Pray for Rev. Kierien Ayugha as he continues to teach in a new school year in the Linguistics and Translation...

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What Does This Mean?

The word is kagin. Know what this means? Neither did Michael Ersland when he first began serving with the Komba Old Testament translation team in northern Ghana. Kagin is a word he learned while studying the Komba language. And when Michael fully understood it, tears...

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Let There Be Light!

The light bulb went on. That’s how Lutheran Bible Translators’ translation consultant Becky Grossmann described the experience of a Liberian woman when she heard Scripture in her own language for the first time. She’d heard God’s Word in English, but it was...

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